The Media Handling Revolution in Drupal 8


Have you ever wanted better solutions for:

- uploading multiple images at once?
- re-using images already uploaded in a different content?
- selecting images from a highly customizable media library?
- improving user experience for selecting related content?
- creating a related content without leaving the page / context?
- dealing with remote media (videos, images, tweets, etc) in a consistent and unified way?
- having a simple (and unified!) tool for embedding media in a wysiwyg text area?
- advanced image cropping solutions?
- mixing all of these together?

In Drupal 8 new alternatives and features have been developed to deal with these and other challenges that editors face when creating or managing media content on your website.

In this session we will cover which solutions are incorporated in Drupal 8 core, and which contrib modules provide different ways of solving these common problems. Some of the solutions that will be shown in the session are: File Entity, Media Entity (and family), Entity Browser, File Entity Browser, Content Browser, Entity Embed, URL Embed, and others.

This session can be done in either one of the following two formats, according to the preference of the organization:
- In a 45min/1h session format, where all the solutions will be only presented
- In a 2h workshop format, where we will be able to have more demo examples and go over the step by step instructions to configure most of the indicated modules.


Nivel experiencia: 
Site Building
Gestor de proyectos
Versión de Drupal: 
Drupal 8.x