La charla de docker


After several years of evolution the workflow of my current team has radically changed. The last revolution on our workflow is by far the most powerful ever and it's name is docker.

Now we use docker as:

Configuration version of the servers.
Development environment.
Automated deploy system.
Automated security patch applies for operating system and drupal core.
If's easy to use and very powerfull.

In this talk I'll explain the attendees how do we do it and where you can find our base repository to start working: <spoiler> </spoiler>

This talk is focused in how to use it, not how it works deeply so it's oriented for developers, sysadmins and CTOs.

This talk can be delerivered on english or spanish, depending the audience.


Nivel experiencia: 
Versión de Drupal: 
Drupal 8.x